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The Gilwell Society was formed to provide meaningful and practical avenues for continued service to Scouting at the local level, encourage

and support the completion of Wood Badge tickets and related contributions that benefit youth and strengthen the bonds of friendship and fellowship among all Scouters.


The North Florida Council Boy Scouts of America invite all Wood Badge Scouters to become members of The Gilwell Society to provide service to training in the Scouting community, enjoy ongoing fellowship with like minded Wood Badgers, and create networking bonds to help all Scouters provide a better program to the Scouting youth.

Back to Gilwell happy land I am going to work my ticket if I can.  The Gilwell Society sponsors multiple events each year.  The Back to Gilwell event and Annual Business meeting is held in the Spring.  The Wood Badge promotion dinners are held in October, and the Gilwell Society Training weekend is held in the Fall.  Other events are scheduled as well, such as the Rewards and Recognition Gilwell Bucks Auction!

Wood Badge Participants are the continued energy that fuels The Gilwell Society.  It is exciting to see new Wood Badge critters spark when they understand that the Mountain Top Experience of Wood Badge never ends!

Training is the essence of The Gilwell Society.  It was founded on the understanding that "every Scout deserves a trained leader".  But, Wood Badge offers so much more than training!  There are three key areas that a participant gets from attending Wood Badge:  training, experience, relationships.  There is always something new to learn and someone new to get to know!  The Gilwell Society expands the participants circle from their own course to the entire North Florida Council of Wood Badgers.


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