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Leave Your Legacy


In 2012, the Wood Badge Course Staff and Participants built a large fire ring at St. John’s River Base at Echockotee with five large benches, painted in the five theme colors for Wood Badge.  This fire ring has been used by many units to enjoy one of Scouting’s greatest activities – a good ole campfire!  In 2022, Ranger Frank added a large gateway entrance that marks it as the “Wood Badge Fire Ring”, shrouded with two giant wood badge beads on either side of the gateway and the axe and log in the top center.  

To commemorate your Wood Badge Mountaintop Experience, you can add your own personalized brick to the entrance of the “Wood Badge Fire Ring”.  The Gilwell Society will be taking orders for the bricks that will benefit future Wood Badge courses and the Arrington Scholarship program.

The bricks will be 4” X 8” and will come in two styles.

  1. 3 lines, 20 characters each

  2. 3 lines, 15 characters, and critter graphic


The pricing will be as follows:

Payment Dates
3 Lines No Critter
3 Lines With Critter
Current Pricing

The bricks will be delivered and installed in the first quarter of 2024.  There’s no limit to the number of bricks you order, so if you would like to commemorate and honor a scouter, please consider purchasing a brick for them!

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