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The Society

Gilwell Society Benefits
Society benefits are many and varied. First, to the individual Wood Badge Scouter, the Society offers practical opportunities to stay current with Scouting’s latest Wood Badge trends, ways to personally support the training cause by helping recruit other Scouters for Wood Badge and other training and participation in dedicated forums in which to enjoy inspirational fellowship and rich camaraderie with fellow Scouters.

To the council and it’s youth members, the Gilwell Society offers a ready resource pool of trained and service-oriented Scouters, ways to identify and develop volunteer leaders to staff future events and activities and ways to transfer the skills and positive learning experiences gleaned during Wood Badge training to other council and district-level events.

Gilwell Meetings and Activities
The society meets at least three times a year. The Back to Gilwell event can be an overnighter with an inspirational program and campfire. The annual meeting includes a “bring your own steak” cookout combined with the annual business meeting. The Gilwell Society Promotion dinner for Wood Badge bring newcomers into the Wood Badge family to participate in the next Wood Badge Course. Finally, a Gilwell Training weekend rounds out The Gilwell Society events. Other fun events will be added to the calendar, such as a Rewards and Recognition afternoon that recognizes the recruiting and training efforts of the Gilwell Society members for the past year.

Other activities that The Gilwell Society provides support for are:
-Serving on training teams to provide leader specific training to new leaders, or helping staff at any number of annual training events.
-Serving as a cook team to prepare and serve meals or provide for other logistical support requirements for Wood Badge courses.
-Making physical camp improvements and preparing camping facilities for Wood Badge courses.

Organizational and Funding
-Gilwell Society will not replace or supplant a Scouters primary service to his or her local unit or district!
-Society membership requires a Scouter to maintain an active and contributing role at his or her local level.


-As to form, the society will function much like a loose-fitting network of like-minded Scouters. Society leadership exists solely to facilitate and coordinate projects and activities.
-By-laws will dictate governance and elected society officers and directors will serve limited terms. A modest $25.00 lifetime fee to cover basic administrative needs plus a membership recognition.
-Society meetings, meals and activities are voluntary and small event fees may apply.
-The society will be entirely self-supporting.

Why the Gilwell Society
Wood Badge is widely recognized as a Mountain Top Scouting experience! Scouters who complete Wood Badge training are riding an “emotional high.” The Gilwell Society was formed to provide expanded venues for Wood Badgers to perpetuate and enjoy the special spirit of that magical place called “Gilwell” and to leverage the valuable skills and unique talents of those who have themselves benefited from Wood Badge and are eager to give continued meaningful service to Scouting.

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